Meet Issy Wiggins-Turner - Wheres Your Website

As Owner of Go Easy Travel, Where's Your Website and Co-Founder of the 10-12 Business Club, I love being involved in different projects and enjoy the variety that my work brings to my working day, hence my 3 hats! Where's Your Website and The 10-12 Business Club allows me to network in a non-travel environment and keep up to date with new business processes and technology.

Did you enjoy IT at school? 

I have to laugh at this one as there wasn’t IT when I was at school or not as we know it now. Email only arrived when I was at my second job and in my 20’s! Does that make me a dinosaur?

Do you consider yourself to be digital savvy? 

I hope so as I try to teach others how to keep a professional presence online without being “always online”. If I don’t know how to do something I search to find the answer and am always checking out the latest apps that make life so much easier.

How does digital tie into how you’ve grown your business?

We live in a life that you have to be online and keeping you and your company in front of the right audience. The constant change in digital has helped to grow the business as people always want to keep up with the latest trends and not be left behind.

What are your favourite social platforms and why? 

I get lost in Instagram as I love photography, in particular images of places all over the world. I love Twitter to keep in touch with work friends, businesses and Facebook for my personal life and of course LinkedIn for making connections and finding the right people to work with on various projects.

What do you see as the barriers in digital in businesses?

Lack of digital knowledge or mind-set of key management and therefore the lack of understanding of the inefficiencies of an existing system and the inability to see how digital could assist the business model. Even today there are companies stuck in a mantra of “Because this is how we do it”.

Why do you believe programmes like Digital Gum are vital to the region’s success?

Digital Gum opens the eyes and minds of the attendees and shows them a whole host of skills that they could adapt to use in their business, gain them a new job or with all the hints and tips from the presenters, show them apps and websites that could make their life a lot easier.

Where do you go for career or business advice? Do you feel well supported?

I am lucky as I run a women’s business club (10-12 Business Club) that has a whole host of women from all over the county with all different business profiles. Someone always knows someone that can help with any business advice that I may need.

Who’s your inspiration when it comes to your business?

I left the corporate world 20 years ago and my mantra is that I won’t do anything that I don’t enjoy. My main inspiration comes from people that do what they do because they enjoy it, not because they are building a vast pot of money, but because they enjoy life.  

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