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I can’t believe how much I learnt
in such a short amount of time

Spend just 5 weeks part-time, working on real-life projects to give you the digital & work ready skills to be in demand. Courses will run twice a week  from 10am – 1.30pm. The total study time includes 35 hours classroom based and 18 hours home based projects. Please note you will need a laptop for the course although we do have some available on a first come first served basis.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to social media marketing and how it’s used in business

  • New apps used by the digital community to win new customers

  • 3D printing, did you know you can print shoes?

  • What is Virtual Reality, immerse yourself in interactive experiences

  • SEO – why should we care?

  • Web development training – it’s not all lines of code.

  • Attend local employers mentoring session where they will be sharing what digital careers exist followed by interactive Q&A sessions.

Employability Skills:

  • How to build an awesome CV

  • How not to mess it up in the first five minutes interview training

  • Build an online profile to be attractive to prospective employers

  • Work on real life projects across the five weeks to use your learning in real life applications.

  • You will document your progress through a diary that will give you a digital footprint to showcase to prospective employers.

  • We'd love you to join us on our digital journey which builds your confidence to find the job you've been looking for. 

Digital Skills for Re-Launchers

We know you are eager to get back into work but confidence is stopping you from making the leap. Join us for five weeks part time to re-discover you, learn some skills and make new friends who are all in the same boat. 

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