Meet Matthew

Tell us a bit about you – background, where you are in your life etc….

I grew up in a fairly rough environment; I didn’t have too much going for me. I was moving about a lot from the age of 7 onward and ended up in foster care. I found it quite difficult to focus at school and before I knew it I sat my exams. I got fairly average grades, English and Maths were part of those thankfully. I then went onto work in various different jobs ranging from tattoo receptionist to furniture upcycler!   I am currently a temp administrator for SSE but my goal is to find a creative and engaging first role in digital and social media marketing.

Did you enjoy IT at school? 

I loved IT at school. I did BTEC IT so it was a lot more practical and I ended up getting a Merit. I was so pleased, it was a huge relief.

What did you hope to get out of it?

At the time I was just really focussed, hoping for a good grade in a subject I loved, mainly to prove myself after my previous grades. This boosted my confidence but at the time I wasn’t sure what my options were and where I could take it.

Where do you go for career or business advice?

I tend to go to Adviza for advice. Although, recently I got in touch with Louize at Digital Gum for help.

What made you join Digital Gum?

I knew that I wanted to do something IT related, but I’m also really creative and I started to think how I could combine the two. I joined Digital Gum because a colleague at work suggested it could be a great introduction to a range of digital skills and how they are applied in business.

It looked like an amazing opportunity to learn in a way that was accessible and fun. Digital Gum also works with companies on real life case studies so I knew I would be able to showcase practical experience to future employers to get that elusive first, breakthrough job!

What were the digital skills you’re specifically looking to develop?

Now that I’ve attended Digital Gum and have a much clearer and practical understanding of several options, all of them interesting, I’ve decided I’d like to pursue a career in digital marketing.

I’d really like to find an employer I can work with to build on the skills I have already learnt.

 How have you found working as part of a team with your co-DG explorers?

I really loved being part of a diverse team of people! Everyone brought something different; a different point of view or a range of experiences. If you listen, you can learn so much from others in surprising and unexpected ways! We all learnt from each other and grew in confidence. It was great to have that support; it’s fun and stimulating to bash around creative ideas in a group and work as a team.

How has Digital Gum helped you on a personal level?

It helped me speak front of others more openly, which I felt was holding me back, I had so many ideas I wanted to share! I’ve now had experience preparing and delivering presentations, which is an essential professional skill I am now better prepared for.

Digital Gum has given me confidence in my own abilities, which had been waning, it’s helped me take control of my future and it has opened a range of opportunities.

What are your plans now you've left Digital Gum?

I’d like to find an engaging Digital/Social Media marketing role, so I can put my new skills into action. I’d love to find a great company who believes in me that I can continue to grow with.

What would your advice be to someone thinking about signing up to Digital Gum?

Definitely go for it! It’s fun, inspiring and introduces you to a broad range of digital skills, preparing you to take part in the digital world! There’s a lot you can get from the course, not just exposure to practical digital skills, but also softer, business skills too.

What’s been your highlight from the course?

The highlight for me was that the course was such a supportive and creative learning environment.

A lot of the information was very new to most people, but we were all given the encouragement we needed to never feel out of our depth and that all our goals were achievable.

If you are able to help Matthew into his dream job email and we will out you in touch. 



Louize Clarke