Meet Dave Stanley - Aditinet

Dave Stanley - Aditinet

Did you enjoy IT at school? 

It wasn’t available to enjoy or not. IT was only just entering into the school and for me it was a side show and I didn’t have any view on the impact it might have on lives and society. I think that the teachers were equally overawed at the time. Whilst things have changed a lot since, I see some of the same issues now.

Do you consider yourself to be digital savvy? 

Not really. I have a healthy interest now and will make time to learn new skills but I am not natural or native.

How does digital tie into how you’ve grown your business?

We use digital to reach more people. As we are a people business it is essential that we use digital media and platforms to increase our audience and presence.

What are your favourite social platforms and why? 

I use LinkedIn more than any other platform as it contains relevant and useful information for me. I like the collaboration and speed provided by WhatsApp. I do not use most other social platforms as I see the interesting and useful ones as the domain of younger people and the ones that are controlled by corporates as being too feature heavy and intrusive.  

What do you see as the barriers in digital in businesses?

Interference and competition. Digital platforms are used because they are useful and helpful inside a business or society. Unfortunately, when they become popular they are bought and leveraged. Right now we are seeing a competition to ‘own’ an individual digital identity. What should be a sharing situation often ends up as a barrier due to competing platforms.

Why do you believe programmes like Digital Gum are vital to the region’s success?

Digital Gum is essential to bring more awareness to companies and potential future employees. What makes it so special is it is inclusive and offering skills to really valuable members of the working group. Anybody who misses a chunk of working life in the last 15-20 years can easily feel left out or left behind…the more recent the absence the more likely they are to feel left out since the we see technology acceleration. Digital Gum is a literally an experience accelerator for people. The region will greatly benefit by having access to talented individuals who feel comfortable rather than alienated by technology.     

Where do you go for career or business advice? Do you feel well supported?

I have a great peer group for support. Both colleagues and friends. I feel extremely well supported but not by organisations.

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